CIADA.ORG Investigates! EZ Deals Claims It Helped Sell Over 50 Vehicles in 90 Days Using Their System That Costs Less than $350 a Month

Todd O’Connell, the Chief Executive Officer of the Colorado Independent Automobile Dealers Association, met with Onne van der Laak, CEO of EZ Deals in late August to ensure that the numbers added up…


"Based on the success of the EZ Deals campaign that has been running at the Drivewise dealership in Greeley, Colorado, the CIADA gives the new EZ Deals Viral Marketing System one of it's highest BUY recommendations for dealerships that want a completely hands-off viral social media marketing program."

The EZ Deals system is easily tailor-made to help dealerships move their inventory—whether they sell cars, trucks, RV’s, motorcycles, boats or anything else. 

It was created to be a set-it-and-forget-it marketing system to perpetually generate fresh leads and referrals from visiting prospects by enticing them to use their smartphones to post ads for the dealership to their social media accounts. It sounds complicated, but thousands of hours went into creating a program that seems so simple that the majority of prospects eagerly interact with it. 

This brand new EZ Deals ‘application’ has integrated all of the best technology and marketing tactics into a single application that does all the work for dealerships.  It literally takes 15 minutes to set up and 15 minutes a month to review your stats.

This ‘new’ EZ Deals system is just rolling out…but it is catching on.  So, don’t get left behind.

Click to read the Case Study that was just updated at the 90th day.  It shows that based on the trajectory of growth in sales volume every month, that Drivewise will likely sell 200-300 cars with the help of the new Viral Marketing configuration of EZ Deals.  

You’re Busy…You’re Skeptical…You’re Not Sure. 

The Answer Is To Just Go Ahead and Invest 15 Minutes to See If It Works For You 

The CIADA has negotiated special pricing for it’s members if you use this form to schedule a quick demo.  We knew most of you would want to at least see the system, so we created this special page just for CIADA members. 

Schedule a site visit or on-online demo right now and you’ll be on your way to getting more leads, dealership traffic and cars sold!

Here's a Typical Scenario For a Dealership

EZ Deals provides dealerships with a complete creative package that includes digital gift cards and campaigns and printable posters that they put around the dealership. The sales team ‘engages’ the customer and invites them to swipe their smartphone and enter a contest in which everyone is a winner. Typical prizes might be $150 off, $250 off, $500 off a new car, free car wash, free oil change, etc.  Stats show that about 78.4% of visitors to the dealership will engage with the system.

Whether the prospect is ready to buy or not, most visitors to the dealership will participate to win a prize or potential discount, and when they do, to validate their prize, they provide their contact info to the dealership and/or share an ad for the dealership on their Facebook timeline.  The EZ Deals system automatically handles all the work and has the effect of posting the ads to between 300 and 500 Facebook friends. Facebook issued stats in June, 2019: stating that the average pre-millennial user has over 600 Facebook friends.

The process of entering the contest is completely seamless and smooth for the participant and is as easy for your potential customers as moving a finger across the front of their smartphone. 

Just imagine what will happen if 60% to 80% of your visitors now give you contact information/vehicle preferences and blast 500 ads to their social media contacts about you. For many dealership clients, this has resulted in tens of thousands of professionally branded posts being sent to dealership visitor’s friends each month—for free!  

This has resulted in much higher inventory inquiries, higher foot traffic and higher sales of both new and used vehicles for clients. 

Instead of Spending One More Dollar on Branding---Which is Virtually Impossible to Measure, You'll Have Reports and Metrics That Show You Exactly Which Customers the System Helped You Sell

Stop Wondering If Your Ad Dollars Are Working

Your EZ Deals system tracks all prospects that participate as a result of visiting your dealership.  You’ll be able to see exactly how many sales you make as well. 

When a participant wants to redeem their prize, such as a coupon for ‘Free Car Wash’ with Test Drive’ or ‘$200 off on a new car”, even if it is months later, you’ll be able to track that sale right to the system.  

EZ Deal’s clients know exactly how much the system is costing, vs what it is helping to sell.  At a few hundred dollars a month, it’s one of the best investments you can make. 

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