If you need help with your campaigns, please check the FAQ’s below or feel free to contact us.  Our typical office hours are M-F 8:30 am to 5:00 pm MST. 

Guarantee a Successful Campaign

Validating Prizes and Loyalty

  1. Add EZ Deals to your website either as a popup or campaign image on the home page.
  2. Add your campaign to Facebook with a play now button and boost/advertise it for $1 a day. Must run continuously.
  3. Insert the link and social campaign image in your staff’s email signatures.
  4. Engage with customers (print and display posters at point of interaction and ensure your staff is  offering EZ Deals to prospects).
  5. Go to EZD Boosting setup now
  6. Additional Services and Packages 
EZ Deals Fast Start Guides


This document explains our most popular EZ Deals features including your 8 steps for success.


Put your EZ Deals provided QR Code(s) to work sharing your coupon(s), offering loyalty rewards and share your business contact & social media information.


Be different and advanced with your own NFC Hardware for smartphone tap success sharing everything about your business & specials.


An orientation training refresher for you and your staff how to securely validate everyone redeeming their campaign coupons & loyalty reward programs.


Click here to do the online hardware return policy order form

Use these links to validate customer’s purchases. Validation is important because it updates your statistics, it encourages compliance and ensures employees don’t give prizes or discounts away in an uncontrolled manner.

Many of our customers upgrade from manual validation (using the links below) to a digital stamper.  The use of a digital stamper makes the task of validation simple and quick. As your account rep if you would like to upgrade.  

EZ Deals Campaign Validation


The EZ Deals validation portal allows clients to validate customer purchases.  Using any PC or smartphone you follow this link and login using your company’s passcode.


The EZ Deals Pay and Loyalty validation portal validates loyalty program such as digital punches, points programs etc. 


Download EZ Deals Android Validation App


Download EZ Deals IOS Validation App

Quick Start Guide for New Customers

This is our general welcome video that explains how to get your campaign up and running. 

Optimizing Your Ongoing Results

This is our video that shows you how to read your stats and keep your campaign on track. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Setup and Performance

The best way to reach us is through our contact form (top right on our website).  This feeds directly into our CRM and is then assigned to your assigned customer service rep (or an alternate if your primary representative is not available). Using this form does not slow down the response and it allows us to keep track of your inquiries in case you have a consistent concern or issue. Expect a response within 3 business days. 

Yes, we encourage testing of different discounts, prizes, creatives, etc., to get the most of your EZ Deals campaign. We allow you to change your campaign / program  options and creative once each month for free.

The most common reason a client is not getting a flood of new prospects is they have either failed to promote EZ Deals at their physical location or through their site and social media. Make sure that EZ Deals banners (provided images) are added to your homepage, social media pages and that your internal staff is engaging with all prospects using the EZ Deals system. These two things plus a small but consistent social media ad spend to boost the campaign will provide the best results.

Contact us and let us know what your new prize will be including the odds.

You can print them yourselves or print them through EZ Deals receiving a discount comparing apples to apples with Office Depot / Max

Yes, but you will receive a new QR Code and URL per campaign & program update. We allow you to change your campaign / program options and creative once each month for free. 

Billing and Operations

Just contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

Ideas, Facts and Solutions to Help You Grow With EZ Deals

  • Smartphones are everywhere, always with us, and always connected. 
  • Coupons drive decisions: 3 out 4 consumers say that coupon availability affects their purchase decision. 
  • Customers Crave Coupons: 65% of people make shopping decisions based on coupons, while 94% stress it’s the most important factor.
  • Coupons encourage spending; 50% of small businesses in the US said that customers spent more money when coupons became available.
  • Sell unique Personal Digital Gift Vouchers for your products and services.
  • We provide all you need to increase customer loyalty, through Digital Stamp Cards and Membership Cards.
  • Add fun to your mobile marketing campaigns, with our fully customizable Digital Scratch & Win Coupons.
  • Add fun to your mobile marketing campaigns, with our fully customizable Digital Spin Wheel Coupons.
  • Add fun to your mobile marketing campaigns, with our fully customizable Digital Slot Machine Coupons.
  • We can add a Mobile Coupon Directory, Group Multiple Coupons, or Vouchers as Digital Catalogs. These can be embedded in your native app, website, Facebook business page, or kiosk mode.
  • Mobile Wallets can provide a saving method to store EZ Deals Digital Coupons and Vouchers.
  • Secure Coupon Validation and POS integration with barcodes are easy to implement and use with EZ Deals.
  • Social Media Marketing; Our coupons are another perfect option to bring consumers to your location.
  • Send amazing Coupons & offers to your audience through SMS marketing, and measure the results in comprehensive analytics that we provide.
  • Wi-Fi marketing: Your Wi-Fi hotspot can do more than you think: Discover powerful social Wi-Fi marketing and advertising solutions.
  • Proximity Marketing: Use beacons, NFC tags, and Geofencing, combined with EZ Deals to broadcast location-based offers.
  • Mobile Coupon Book: EZ Deals can convert your printed offline coupon book into a fully mobile native app and website.
  • Resellers: With us you can also offer mobile marketing to your customers under your brand or label.
  • Use the Mobile Marketing Kiosk tool for iPad and Android pad to start building a customer list, and drive new sales.
  • Trigger Website Pop-Ups with Gamified Coupons based on Exit Intent, Visitor Time on Website, or Scroll Percentages.
  • Integration is available with many 3rd party platforms: Zapier, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, SMS services, Email services, Mandrill, SMStools, Email Integration, SMS Marketing, Website Popups, YMLP, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, Social Media, Nexmo, QR Codes, Google Tag Manager, REST API, Twilio, Webhooks, Single Use Codes, Elastic Mail, Unique Code Generator, Mobile Marketing Kiosk, SendInBlue, Simlat, Smartlinks, Survey Landing Page. You simply create an icon for each link.