The EZ Deals System Easily Snaps In to Your Existing Business Process, Stimulates New and Existing Customers, who are then Promoting Your Business, Around the Clock!

EZ Deals have integrated the most effective marketing tactics into a simple to implement and use system, combining all of the very latest marketing technologies.   Just like the iPhone changed how communications happen, we are changing the way companies will market in the future.  Years have been spent developing our automated marketing system. It is now unlike anything else that exists!

The entire system is designed for ease of  use by both you and your customer; our digital functions such as Punch Cards, Reward Systems, and Games, are just as user friendly! 

Behind the simplicity and ease of use is a complex and powerful system, integrating social media, retention strategies, referral programs, and both on-premises and proximity marketing. When all is said and done, businesses that use  EZ Deals are seeing huge growth, at far less cost! 

The Genius of the System is in the Software

The genius of the system is it’s software platform; years of development have resulted in a patented marketing system that is available exclusively through us or our partners.

EZ Deals encourages your consumers to interact with our collection of instantly recognizable games.  They must then share their win on social media in order to redeem their prize, thus creating a viral flood of referral advertising. Note: this is NOT gambling as it is free to play!

All of the campaigns and advertisements for your business can be linked to your social media platforms. 

All of your terms and conditions can be added so that the campaign meets all  legal and operational requirements.

Fact: No other marketing software developed to date matches the features of the EZ Deals System!

People can not resist to play a free game, and are happy to share their success, and your ads to friends, via their Social Media Accounts, in order to claim their prize!

The System Encourages High Engagement

We use games and loyalty programs to engage your consumer. We have 4 extremely popular games (referred to as campaigns) that businesses can choose from.

Our most popular campaign, scratch and win, allows the business to give away small gifts, such as an ‘order of fries’ or ‘free soft drink’, even a “free boat ride”! 

When the participant claims their prize, our professionally  designed ads, with your images, go out to their social media friends. However, and this is significant,, they initially see the “GRAND PRIZE” highlighted,…creating the buzz.

The EZ Deals System Makes Your Business The Center of Attention When Prospects Play a Game!

Your visitors participate in one of these popular activities. and to redeem their coupon or discount, your staff simply validate it by entering a unique password or touching their phone with a digital stamp.

Scratch & Win

Prize Wheel

Grand Prize

Vegas Style

The scratch and win campaign is the most popular and gives participants a realistic scratch card experience. Always a satisfying experience to use a finger on the screen of a smart phone to uncover the prize! 

The spinning wheel campaign is also a favorite, offering participants a realistic experience with all the suspense as they watch the wheel slow down to see what prize they have won!

The Grand Prize, or Classic Campaign, gives participants a chance to win the Grand Prize, with a simple Click. Often the choice for merchants with big ticket items, willing to give a large discount. 

While most clients choose our other campaigns, some go for the more Casino Style with this slot machine simulator! Just click the image to spin and win! 

Participants Willingly Blast Thousands of Ads to Their Friends

The power of the system is its special programs that require that winners that want to redeem their coupons or prize engage in the social media features of the campaign.  For those customers that have social media accounts this might mean posting their ‘win’ on their timeline which then shows up as a post of the Client’s ad to their friends social media accounts.   

Other options might include having the customer provide their contact information for marketing or re-marketing by the Client.   The validation and participation options are customizable at the time the campaign is created. (Speak to your EZ Deals account representative to find the best option for you).

Some clients receive exposure to thousands of the social media friends of their new and returning customers.  Just a few participants can create a viral flood of new exposure for a business due to the build-in sharing features.  Facebook reported in 2019, that the average Millennial Facebook user has over 600 friends.  

For Each Win The Participant Must Take A Required Action

Retailers Might Want Prospect's Contact Information For Loyalty Programs, Restaurants Might Want Ads Posted to Participant's FB Timelines, Etc.

EZ Deals Configures Each Campaign to Fit the Needs of The Client

The Latest Passive Technology Makes The System Easy To Use

At the point when a visitor enters the business, they are presented with the option of just swiping their phone against an NFC Card or NFC Sticker to bring up the Client’s custom created campaign onto their smartphone.  This makes it effortless for staff to engage the consumer in the system. 

Step 1 - Swipe

Step 2 - Play

Visitors to your business location simply tap their smartphone to an NFC Card or NFC Sticker, which immediately brings up your entry page!

Low Tech Posters With Hi Tech QR Codes For Every Campaign

EZ Deals produces posters and flyers for Client’s with their branding and unique QR code. A consumer simply hovers the phone camera over the QR code to be taken to the game!  Alternatively, typing in the URL code to any web browser also works!

The EZ Deals System is POWERFUL but, importantly,.. INEXPENSIVE!

It works for just about any business type to engage it's existing customers and prospects---and to turn them into ambassadors that willingly send out thousands of advertisements to their friends.

Read how a Car Dealership Spent About $350 a Month on Their EZ Deals Campaign and Made a Profit of $42,000 in Less Than 67 Days

Posters Placed Around Client's Venue Make it Effortless to Engage Participants in Campaigns

The Posters Provide Information About the Campaign AND They Also Allow Prospects a Chance To Enter The Campaign Simply by Scanning the QR Code or Typing the URL.

Easily Encourage Repeat Purchases With Loyalty Programs

The EZ Deals System has two of the most popular Loyalty Program incorporated in it and can be set up easily for new clients.  This encourages buyers to frequent the business over and over again.   

The frequent buyer program is similar to a ‘miles’ program in which the client chooses the maximum number of points that a buyer can earn and then gives buyers 1 point per dollar (or other local currency) that they spend. The client then determines that value of those points and the products or services that the point-holder can spend them on. 

The Digital Punch Card program is similar to the paper ‘punch card’ that is often handed out to purchases to encourage them to come back at a later date and get more of the type of product they originally ordered.  

Keep Customers Coming Back With Loyalty Programs

A Digital Punch Card or Frequent Purchaser Points Program is Easily Added.

Add a Digital Stamper For High Traffic Businesses

For businesses that want a faster option to validate prizes or to help validate our digital punch cards, they can use our Digital Stamper.  This device allows their staff to ‘stamp’ the participants phone which validates their win or their purchase.

For businesses that have high volume ticket sales or entry passes, this can be set up to validate thousands of entrants per hour. Also, these types of businesses have the ability to offer their customers prepayment directly through an EZ Deals custom campaign. (Ask your sales rep for details).

Digital Stampers Make Handling Validations of Winners or Punches for Digital Punch Cards a Breeze

In order to validate a prize for a participant, the client either enters their Unique Campaign Code, or they can use a Digital Stamper.

All EZ Deals Campaigns Come With a Complete Branding Package

In order to ensure that every client has the best chance at converting the viral traffic produced by the system into customers, we give every client a customer creative package that helps promote their brand and increase sales.  

Each client receives  a branded Facebook header, up to 10 different gift card designs, flyer and/or poster designs, and the complete branded ‘engagement interface’ which provides information “about the company” and links to all of its social media pages and contact methods. 

Get Your Professionally Branded Campaign Package For Your Business Now From EZ Deals.

You'll Receive All You Need to Start a Viral Flood of Ads Going Out to Your Prospect's Friends.

Reach Passers by with Proximity Beacons

Proximity Beacons are small devices that transmit a signal up to 300 ft that can be picked up by any smartphone within range.  This is a valuable tool to reach customers that may have your App installed. 

Android or IOS App, we can easily integrate beacons into your on premises marketing strategy. 

Beacon technology is a solid add-on for businesses that are already using EZ Deal’s viral social marketing strategies, and that have their own App for use on-premises.  Setting up beacons at your location to send short pop up messages can increase engagement and excitement!

Note: Beacons transmit consistently, however there are factors such as the age of your customer’s phone, whether your App is properly installed and whether they have it activate that might affect deliverability of your message. Just ask us and we can give you advice on how to implement beacons. 

Add Proximity Beacons to Your Campaign To Reach More Customers Near Your Location

Beacons work by sending alerts to properly configured smartphones that have your business' App installed. They can greatly increase engagement for customers on or near your premises.

Worldwide 24/7 Availability

The EZ Deals Network is Available and READY 24 Hours a Day

Your Data (and Participant Data) is secured by the latest Encryption Technologies and stored redundantly in Tier 1 Data Centers