The EZ Deals System Runs on Auto-Pilot to Pull in Customers Continuously and Consistently For Virtually Any Business

The EZ Deals program is tailor-made specifically for product, service or E-commerce businesses that want an inexpensive set-it-and-forget-it social marketing system. 

Unlike other marketing systems, EZ Deals has seamlessly integrated dozens of different marketing tactics and loyalty programs into a single ‘application’ that not only helps ‘pull in’ prospects near the business, but magically influences prospects and customers to blast out your ads to their friends.

This boost in ‘instant’ exposure to the business increases not just brand awareness, but incentivizes new customers to visit for the first time and existing customers to come back. 

We’re rolling EZ Deals out in your area.  Make sure you don’t miss out. 

How It Works Videos

A Scratch-Off Campaign Example

Whether you own a restaurant, a car dealership, a retail store or service business, you just engage the customer and EZ Deals does the rest. 

Add Vouchers to any Campaign

In addition to our single prize, slot, spinning wheel and (blank) campaigns, you can easily add payment vouchers or loyalty to campaigns. 

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Options for Every Business Type

Need customers…EZ Deals has dozens of flexible options that engages a continual flood of prospects, creating loyal customers. 

Digital Business Card V-card

The most innovative way to exchange contact info. EZ Deals has designed an electronic tag for sharing your contact information easily.

Read How $350 a Month Spend on EZ Deals
is Generating $300K to $450K in
Profits for This Business

The EZ Deals System is inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and it is new and unique. There is no other company that that has this system configuration which makes Facebook and other social media marketing so simple and 'hands-off'.

It works for just about any business type and turns existing customers and prospects into viral ambassadors that willingly send out thousands of advertisements to their friends about your business---automatically.

Here's a Typical Example of How it Works

The system works for any business that needs a steady stream of customers.  Automobile Dealers, Medical Clinics, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Breweries, Retail Stores and service businesses are successfully using the system.  

Click to see some categories that are doing very well.

For our example, we’ll use a typical restaurant, bar or club. 

As patrons enter, they are greeted by the host, or by a waitress or waiter.  During this initial conversation, the staff mentions the specials offered and also a  ‘scratch and win’ contest with a top prize of $250 Gift card is available to enter.  Your staff leaves a small electronic card at the table and everyone swipes their smartphone against the card, which brings up a branded ‘scratch off’ screen on their cell phones.  

The prizes and odds of winning are easily customizable and set up so the business can offer a single large prize and/or many small prizes such as ‘Free french fries with meal’ or ‘Soft drink with purchase of entree’.  In order to redeem a prize, the system requires the participant to post a notice in their social media account of their win, so sharing the advertisement for the business starts even before the consumer checks out.   The process does not disrupt normal operations since validating a prize is as easy as swiping an electronic ‘stamp’ across the participants cell phone.  

The average Facebook user has 300 to 500 friends that will receive a post.  So, depending on the number of patrons that participate, thousands of new prospects a day can become aware and  be invited to the business.

All of the accounting, prize administration and user details are handled in the system, requiring less than an hour a week to handle thousands of transactions and hundreds of thousands social media shares. 

In addition to the viral nature of the EZ Deals system, you can add additional electronic devices that will transmit a signal approximately 300 ft around the perimeter of your business to newer smartphones.  These “beacons” can transmit your branded message such as ‘buy 2 get one free at Your Berry’ to the phones in and near your location.  This can bring in new customers that pass by.

The transmission is instant and can pop up immediately if the phone is set to receive notifications and has your in-house application or one of 150 other applications. If it does not pop up immediately, it often will pop-up later when the user opens one of the integrated applications.  

Please contact us for a list of applications that our beacon technology supports. 

EZ Deals is Easy to Set Up and Use

Set Up Campaign

Choose one of four Campaign Types, add prizes and odds of winning

Approve Your Creative

We use your branding to create a full package with gift cards, banners, ads, etc.

Get Patrons to Play

Participants simply swipe their mobile device to enter. Winners share contact info.

Winners Share Ads

Redeeming a prize requires sharing your promotinon which posts to their Facebook friends