The EZ Deals system runs on auto-pilot, pulling in customers continuously,..even while you sleep!


The EZ Deals program is tailored to each product, service, or E-commerce business that needs an inexpensive set-it-and-forget-it marketing system.

Marketing Tactics

Unlike any other marketing system, EZ Deals has seamlessly integrated numerous different marketing tactics and loyalty programs into a single ‘application’ that not only helps draw new prospective customers, but uses those same contacts to share the message with their friends on social media.

Business Boost

EZ Deals offers premier instant customer specific targeting to boost your campaign. This not only promotes your brand awareness, but gains a fresh audience, and of course, re-stimulates your existing customer base!

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Our exclusive gamified advertising is created not only to attract new customers to your business, but crucially, to reignite excitement in your existing clientele, and so creates loyalty! You give them the opportunity to win prizes that you can easily offer, be it in the form of discounts towards services or products, actual gifts or gift vouchers.
You decide the odds, and typically can offer a grand prize, which becomes prominent across social media when the winner, in order to claim their prize, MUST share their good fortune. This has then effectively become an endless, self-generating Word Of Mouth Referral Advertisement stream for YOUR COMPANY!
For the vast majority you are providing smaller prizes of, but you are always in control. The important thing is that you can say that Everyone is a Winner! New leads are being created every day for your sales team (who receive an instant notification) to follow up on.

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Offer discounts, get paid up front 24/7 on autopilot! Add a Digital Payment Voucher for just 49 USD a month to your custom campaign.

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Digital Loyalty Programs are designed to give you an easy to use system that engages your existing customers and encourages them to visit your business again and again. With our Digital Punch, Points and Reward Programs for organizations that have customers or members…we have every situation covered.

(downloadable digital business card)

EZ Deals Vcards give the most advance Digital Business Card direct to all mobile devices. NFC technology in our TAG or RING lets you simply tap your clients' phone instantly sharing to them your conventional business card information as well an image and all your important active links.

Social Media Management

EZ Deals will integrate your Digital Campaign while helping you grow organically, engaging with your current and future followers. We will promote, post, create reels, create and edit your content (images and videos) to make sure your social media works for you!

Read How $350 a Month Spend on EZ Deals is Generating $300K to $450K in Profits for This Business

The new and exclusive EZ Deals System is inexpensive, easy to set up, and user-friendly. No other company has this system configuration that makes marketing through most social media platforms so simple and 'hands-off'.

Read How $350 a Month Spend on EZ Deals is Generating $300K to $450K in Profits for This Business

EZ Deals is Easy to Set Up and Use

Set Up Campaign

Choose one of four Campaign Types, add prizes and odds of winning

Approve Your Creative

We use your branding to create a full package with gift cards, banners, ads, etc.

Get Patrons to Play

Participants simply swipe their mobile device to enter. Winners share contact info.

Winners Share Ads

Redeeming a prize requires sharing your promotinon by posting on Facebook. The posted image, highlighting the Grand Prize, will trigger the repeating Play-Win-share cycle to thousands!