The EZ Deals System Runs on Auto-Pilot to Pull in Customers Continuously and Consistently For Virtually Any Business


The EZ Deals program is tailor-made specifically for product, service or E-commerce businesses that want an inexpensive set-it-and-forget-it social marketing system.

Marketing Tactics

Unlike other marketing systems, EZ Deals has seamlessly integrated dozens of different marketing tactics and loyalty programs into a single ‘application’ that not only helps ‘pull in’ prospects near the business, but magically influences prospects and customers to blast out your ads to their friends.

Business Boost

This boost in ‘instant’ exposure to the business increases not just brand awareness, but incentivizes new customers to visit for the first time and existing customers to come back.

We’re rolling EZ Deals out in your area. Make sure you don’t miss out.


With gamified advertisement your business will create excitement to your loyal clients and will attract new ones by giving them the opportunity to win prizes that you want to offer (discounts, free items, gift cards, vouchers, etc). People will play, they will win, they will share on social media to redeem it, creating an endless word of mouth advertising. Even if they don't buy today, every player becomes a new lead.



In addition to our single prize, slot, spinning wheel and (blank) campaigns, you can easily add payment vouchers or loyalty to campaigns.

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Digital Loyalty Programs are designed to give you an easy to use system that engages your existing customers and encourages them to visit your business again and again. With our Digital Punch, Points and Reward Programs for organizations that have customers or members…we have every situation covered.

(downloadable digital business card)

Easy to share, easy to add to your contacts, the EZ Deals Vcards allow you to have the most innovative business card that no one will lose. With NFC technology in our TAG or Ring, you can swipe your clients' phone and they will have all your information instantaneously.

Read How $350 a Month Spend on EZ Deals is Generating $300K to $450K in Profits for This Business

The EZ Deals System is inexpensive, easy to set up and use, and it is new and unique. There is no other company that that has this system configuration which makes Facebook and other social media marketing so simple and 'hands-off'.

Read How $350 a Month Spend on EZ Deals is Generating $300K to $450K in Profits for This Business

EZ Deals is Easy to Set Up and Use

Set Up Campaign

Choose one of four Campaign Types, add prizes and odds of winning

Approve Your Creative

We use your branding to create a full package with gift cards, banners, ads, etc.

Get Patrons to Play

Participants simply swipe their mobile device to enter. Winners share contact info.

Winners Share Ads

Redeeming a prize requires sharing your promotinon which posts to their Facebook friends