The EZ Deals Viral Marketing System Works For Just About Any Business

How does EZ Deals work?

The EZ Deals system works by engaging your daily visitors, turns them into an army of ambassadors for your company as they participate in the EZ Deals program, receiving a gift or discount towards a purchase.  They share to dozens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of ads a day to their friends in order to redeem their prize.

Everything works on autopilot so that your staff do not have to learn any new skills for setting up or reporting statistics.

If you want thousands of new prospects to know about you each month and greatly increase the size of your prospect list, then signing up takes but a few minutes and we wil have your custom campaign built in a few days. 

We have plans that start at just $199.00 a month. 

Retail Stores Love Us!

EZ Deals is the perfect option to spice up the shopping experience at your retail store.  Instead of just seeing hundreds or thousands of customers a month stream through your store and then leaving without a trace, wouldn't you rather them become loyal ambassadors of your brand?  

You can now have 50% or more of your visitors become so engaged as they visit your store that they willingly tell their friends about you on social media.  Imagine seeing more than half of all visitors contact hundreds of their friends with a positive, professionally prepared ad for your company.

Professional Associations & Chambers Love Us!

An Association or Chamber of Commerce that has business owners as members will find EZ Deals one of the best values they can provide for their members.  Their members will appreciate a low-cost, easy to use method to tame the complexities of Social Media marketing...that works to bring them new customers! 

We have the marketing materials and expertise to assist you in reaching your members easily and quickly which makes promoting us a breeze.  We'll handle your members delicately and make sure they are completely satisfied with our product, so that your referral is seen as positive and helpful. 

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs Love Us!

Imagine Having 70% to 80% of Your Customers Advertise Your Business

Most of our customers used to feel uneasy on those slow days and nights.  They never knew whether there was a competing venue opening or if the weather was keeping their potential clients at home. 

Now, they don't worry any longer.  They have a system that can turn a simple offer of a 'free drink' or hors d'oeuvres into a mass marketing campaign that can literally cause thousands of ads to be sent out every day about your business.   And, it helps bring customers back again and again and again. 

New and Used Vehicle Dealers Love Us!

Whether you sell cars, RV's, motorcycles or boats, we can work closely with you to craft an easy-to-implement program to drive up sales quickly.  Our system is easy to implement and can help you brand your business and/or double or triple the number of leads and sales you are getting today.  Need proof EZ Deals works?

We can get your dealership's system up and running fast even though it is as simple as asking clients to try to win a free gift or a discount off the vehicle they want to buy anyway).   

Medical Service Businesses Love Us!

Consumers spend billions of dollars a year on cosmetic, dental and medical procedures but competition for these clients is fierce and expensive.  It can cost hundreds of dollars to acquire each new client.  We can turn your waiting room of clients into a goldmine. 

Our Viral Marketing system turns virtually anyone that visits your clinic or office into a potential salesperson, willing to tell their friends about your business.   And, the system is set up to not just blast advertisements out on the Internet, but to target friends that can quickly and easily turn into referrals. 

Service Businesses Love Us!

Would you spend about $200 a month to become the most mentioned business of your kind in your local area.  That's what happens when service-based businesses start using our viral marketing system.  Customers and prospects will gladly post ads about you on their Facebook timeline.  This can potentially reach thousands of new prospects each month.  We even have a proximity-marketing add-on that can help attract many smart-phone users from as far as 300 feet away. 

Most businesses hate wasting money on advertising because they can't tell if it's working.  EZ Deals is one of the only ad investments that can show you exactly which customers it helped to bring to you. 

Agriculture holding pots of marijuana trees. Cannabis on beautiful background.

Even Cannabis Businesses Love Us!

Rules, regulations, advertising restrictions, special taxation and reporting—we know how complex it can be to operate a cannabis based business.  

Luckily, the EZ Deals system can help you engage your customers, so they spread the word about your business without you having to advertise.  The EZ Deals system can be modified to the specific needs of each country, state or province so that your cannabis business can get the promotional exposure it needs to grow and prosper. 


Politicians and Their Supporters Love Us!

Direct mail, billboards, yard signs, bumper stickers—there are so many advertising methods that politicians pay for that can’t be tracked and that are just not effective. 

The EZ Deals system turns every assembly, town hall, or rally event into viral social media frenzy. Simply by having your supporters snap a QR code, or swipe one of our NFC devices, you’ll get your attendee’s contact info (for re-marketing) and they’ll blast their social media friends from the event. 

If you want your message in front of thousands of new people in a matter of minutes, this is the way to do it.  Contact us and we can walk you through the setup process right over the phone!  


Don’t see your specific business type here?  Or, would you like us to adapt the system for your unique situation? Just contact us.