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EZ Deals has developed a low cost and simple-to-implement mobile marketing program that engages with potential customers and incentivizes them to VISIT AND BUY TODAY! It integrates the best marketing and advertising practices with the latest and most innovative digital tools into one friendly system that will do all the job for you. It's a complete package that will boost your business!

How does the EZ Deals Mobile Marketing system work?

1- We'll create your own digital campaign that will attract current and new customers.

2- People will love trying to win your grand prize and 99.9% of the time they will win one of your other available deals as you control the prizes and the winning odds.

3- To redeem the prize they will share on social media creating an endless word of mouth advertising and your staff will have a friendly system to validate every winner remotely or at your location(s)

It's smart, fun and automatic. You will receive live Analytics and Statistics.

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