Since 2014, EZ Deals has been growing its management, technology and sales team in order to roll-out its system world-wide. It operates flawlessly in over 300 countries, with virtually any currency and up to 157 languages.

EZ Deals has communications, operations, and/or service centers in Denver, Colorado, New York, New York, Sydney, Australia, Toronto, Canada and London, England, but can service clients world-wide.  The system is available 24/7 to clients and is supported by a team with deep experience and solid expertise in finance, technology, marketing, business development and customer support.
The management team brings solid experience in expanding and growing International businesses.

Onne van der Laak's Bio

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

 Mr. van der Laak is a native of the Netherlands (Dutch / Indonesian) and now lives in Denver, Colorado. He is married to his beautiful wife Janet van der Laak,  They are proud parents of 10 children and Opa & Oma, grandparents, of 10 grand-children.

Mr. van der Laak is very resourceful in finding solutions for every kind of business organization, including nonprofits, and creating the best ROI’s. 

Mr. van der Laak has an extensive background in Leadership, Distribution, Sales and Marketing, to name a few, including an all-inclusive relationship building and increasing profit margin. He has a keen-eye in identifying key business opportunities and has built a large-scale network of business clientele and leads resulting in solid business relationships.

Mr. van der Laak creates new business and excitement for any product he represents through OvdL Consulting. Solid business relationships are developed in part because, like any team, support and service makes for solid results. He enjoys working with people from all over the world. Through his travels and work experience he has gained broad knowledge on what it takes to build and support a successful business.

Volunteering – Mr. and Mrs. van der Laak volunteer their time on a consistent basis for different nonprofit organizations 501 (C) 3. These nonprofits help in feeding/providing shelter for the homeless community, helping the mentally ill, and providing jobs for those who need work.

Mr. van der Laak also is the Executive Director of The onaWroll Enterprise. A percentage of the sales from EZ Deals help fund-raise and Market for The onaWroll Enterprise to help less fortunate people within local communities.

Mike Steven's Bio

Managing Director of the Americas

Mr. Steven has more than 22 years of  IT and management experience. He is a resourceful leader and entrepreneur, that has proven capable of enhancing business value by implementing the latest technologies.  

He experience has allowed him to also be a motivator, coach and mentor and he has been able to consistently get peak performance and state-of-the-art products and systems developed by his employees.  He believes that the strongest leaders are responsible for taking the time to nurture and grow their teams. 

Luis Guzman's Bio

Managing Director Caribbean

Mr. Guzman is from beautiful Colombia, South America and has worked in many different countries around the world.  He has spent most of career in business as a salesman and business development manager. 

Luis also has a strong customer service background and has been involved in sales and customer support roles for over 15 years.  He believes that honesty, trust and meeting commitments is the key to being a successful sales or service representative of any company.  

As a young man, music was his passion.  He has developed his own music and coordinated its production.  

But his love is business.  He started as a young boy working in his father’s business and quickly became a key salesman for the company.  

He studied Business Administration at Valle University, in Colombia and he minored in Digital Marketing and advertising.  Recently he has continued his studies in consumer psychology and is working on a second advanced degree. 

Daniël-James van den Berg's Bio

Client Relations Specialist

Daniël-James van den Berg is from culturally diverse South Africa and speaks 3 languages, Afrikaans/Dutch, English, and siSwati. He draws his inspiration from seeing people succeed and is passionate about eliminating poverty and corruption in any way he can philanthropically. 

Having connected with the CEO of EZ Deals, Daniël-James quickly became a logistics partner because of the similar passions they share. 

Falling in love with the EZ Deals concept, he joined the team and brings his expertise in marketing, design, and video to the company.  Through his agency (Daniel James Media) Mr. van den Borg can  provide additional marketing and multimedia solutions for clients beyond the EZ Deals platform.

Daniel brings a global perspective and 8 years of experience to his customer relations role.  His spontaneity and vibrant personality adds an additional dimension to the team at EZ Deals—and provides new insight for innovating solutions for its customers and management team.