Mobile Marketing

We create your own digital campaign to boost your business by integrating social media, loyalty programs, digital coupons, word-of-mouth referral advertising, digital business cards, and on-premises marketing, into a simple system that creates a self generating continuous flow of new prospects sharing your business to thousands of their friends.

Why Use EZ Deals?

1. Inexpensive, incredibly effective, and no contract! Our services are on a month to month basis. We set up your campaign to your unique requirements, programmed to work automatically, almost maintenance free!

2. The EZ Deals games that we integrate with your current advertising methods are Stand Alone, meaning no downloads. Speed and convenience to your customer!

3. Digital Coupons to bring new customers to your door, and the latest technology to bring them back again with loyalty programs. Because we have understood that people nowadays are reluctant to disclose their personal phone number while standing in line, your customers can now join by simply tapping their phone on a poster that we supply, that may have NFC technology integrated, and/or your own URL, or QR code. We are all about ease of use for everyone involved!

4. First and foremost our track record shows that we generate what is most valuble to you; Word of Mouth Referral Advertising. As your customer must share their win on their Social Media Timeline in order to redeem their prize, your business gains trust and excitement in every community.


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Here's What You Can Do With EZ Deals

Examples of Live Custom Campaigns & Loyalty Programs

ACE Hardware


JC Power

Rebel Bikes Electric

Thrive Wealth Solutions

La Traviata

Susan Yang Realtor

Chamber of Commerce Spinning Wheel